Hamword - Losses Leaderboard

This page lists the Hamword all-time leaderboard. You can select on any of the heading links to sort the report based on that column. If you select any callsign, you will see that person's individual statistics and a comparison to the entire group's statistics. Selecting any of the locations will limit your report to the selected ARRL section/country, state, county, or grid. And, if you select the "Map" link you will see a map of the grid square location. Links to the other leaderboards are at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Section/Country Selected: England - Select all sections/countries

RankCallsignNameWin %WinsLossesGamesTurns To WinSection / CountryStateCountyGrid
1M7TLBDave Lee92.86%524564.04EnglandIO93jl / Map
2G1BVINick Moldon100.00%660664.21EnglandIO91wc / Map
3M0SUYDimitrios Valaris100.00%7074.57EnglandIO94ew / Map
4G5DSGDan Granville100.00%3033.67EnglandIO93kw / Map
52E0UCDNicholas A. C. BOOTH100.00%1012.00EnglandIO91uf / Map
6M0XTFTony Francis0.00%0000.00EnglandJO02sl / Map
72E0XFDLiam R Austin0.00%0000.00EnglandJO01ng / Map

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