Winlink is a system that lets amateur radio operators send and receive email messages over their radios and their radio frequencies. This system allows people to send messages in and out of areas that have been affected by communications outages. To help you get started with this operating mode, please visit and you will find links to download the software, with some hints to get it running.

Once you are up and running with Winlink, you might enjoy playing Hamword. This game is based on the popular Wordle game and lets you practice sending and receiving messages while playing a game.

This set of pages is mainly dedicated to the transactional log files that Winlink generates. Each Winlink contact generates a log entry that documents the date/time of the connection, the frequency of the connection, the client (sender) callsign information, and the server (receiver) callsign information. Each night at 0000z these log files are updated and the information is available to build these charts, graphs, and lists. Hopefully you, and others can glean something from them to help with your Winlink efforts.

Winlink Contact Log Reports

This first graph shows the number of contacts made each day.