Hamword is a Winlink-based game mimicking the popular five-letter word guessing game Wordle. The goal of this game is to give hams a way to practice their Winlink skills while having fun guessing an unknown five-letter word.

You only need an amateur radio license and an operational Winlink account to play the game. You can learn more about setting up Winlink at https://ok.arrl.org/nts/ntsoksoftware/.

How to Play

Once you have Winlink up and running, send a five-letter word via Winlink to the tactical call sign HAMWORD. The subject line can be anything you wish; the message body should contain your guess. Your messages will be graded and returned via a Winlink message at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour.

Response Key

Since Winlink doesn’t allow text colors, you will receive a five-number “key” to guide you in your next choice. The numbers 0, 1, and 2 are returned using the following definitions:
0 means the letter above the key is not seen in the word you are guessing. (Similar to gray in Wordle.)
1 means that the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing but is in the wrong location. (Similar to yellow in Wordle.)
2 means that the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing and is in the correct location. (Similar to green in Wordle.)


Weekly Reset

In this game, the guessed word will reset weekly at 00:00Z on Monday (Sunday evening in the United States). At 00:02z, we send Winlink messages to remind you the new week has started! So, make your guesses throughout the week and make sure you solve the puzzle before the word resets. You have six chances to solve the puzzle each week.

Current Week Leaderboard / Activity

This is the current week’s leaderboard. Clicking on their callsign will provide some statistics of their gameplay.

 CallsignNameARRL Section/CountryGuessesStatus
1. N5AZQ MARK T CLAYTON Oklahoma 3 Win
2. VA7TEV Thomas William Evdokimoff Canada 3 Win
3. KN6WPU GYULA SZENTIRMAY San Francisco 3 Win
4. NS2B Robert L Smith Western New York 3 Win
5. W1LEM Lemuel Skidmore Eastern Massachusetts 3 Win
6. KA2R Martin W Lifgren, Jr Eastern New York 3 Win
7. KM4FKN Charles P Richards Maryland-DC 3 Win
8. KQ4RQJ Russell S Beyer Virginia 3 Win
9. W0CBP Christopher B Pfeifer South Dakota 3 Win
10. WB7FHC WARREN L CHURCHWARD Western Washington 4 Win
11. KK7AZD Cynthia W Albro Oregon 4 Win
12. KG7WFQ John D Sullivan Western Washington 4 Win
13. AG5DV Edwin F Hatch Oklahoma 4 Win
14. KN4LQN David M Elkins Virginia 4 Win
15. KE8BSM Zachary L Bennett Michigan 4 Win
16. N0ZJT ERIC A GRAMS Iowa 4 Win
17. W9MDT Mike D Tanksley Indiana 4 Win
18. WB0KHQ Tim L Moody Iowa 4 Win
20. G1BVI Nick Moldon England 4 Win
21. KH6L Terence S Dowling Pacific 4 Win
22. KR1ZAN FRANK J KRIZAN North Texas 4 Win
23. WZ7L Robert Allen Western Washington 4 Win
25. W4EVV Philip C Lewis Northern Florida 4 Win
26. KE6BEE HOWDY GOUDEY East Bay 4 Win
27. K6FW FRANK C WESTPHAL Orange 4 Win
28. K9FMZ Susann Swan North Carolina 4 Win
29. W1SAV Walter L Savinovich Santa Clara Valley 4 Win
30. K0WET Brad R Greenwood Colorado 4 Win
31. KN4FZB Beth Gonzalez North Carolina 4 Win
32. KF5TVG ROBERT D MEYER Oklahoma 4 Win
33. VA3PC M.P. Caccamo Canada 4 Win
34. AK9R Robert L Burns Indiana 4 Win
35. WJ9H THOMAS C WEEDEN Wisconsin 4 Win
36. AI5IJ Ricky D Rhoton Oklahoma 5 Win
37. W7DXT Mark R Metzler Western Washington 5 Win
38. WB3EGD RICHARD J ROCKMAN Eastern Pennsylvania 5 Win
39. KG7AV Raymond J Spreier Oregon 5 Win
40. M7TLB Dave Lee England 5 Win
41. KQ7MLT Michael L Trigoboff Oregon 5 Win
42. N7FG David B Jackson Western Washington 5 Win
43. AD0BY Ron D Morris Missouri 5 Win
44. ZL2CAZ Scott Casley New Zealand 5 Win
45. KD8WCK Richard A DeMattia Ohio 5 Win
46. K9JAJ Jeffrey A Jones Indiana 5 Win
47. KX4AC Carl H Jones Southern Florida 5 Win
48. KC3WHU Walter C Mankowski Eastern Pennsylvania 5 Win
49. AD2Z Seward D Heckman, JR Western New York 5 Win
50. W7EAZ MARK L HOLT Oregon 5 Win
51. WB2JNQ Robert B Jordan New York City-Long Island 5 Win
53. W4AEN Ed Neely North Carolina 5 Win
54. W2HLM JASON ENEVOLDSEN Western Washington 5 Win
55. N3FWE Steven M Hancock Eastern Pennsylvania 5 Win
56. KM4PJZ JOHN B COLEMAN Virginia 5 Win
57. KG6IMB John E Breiding Orange 6 Win
58. WB9YIG DAVID M JULIAN Indiana 6 Win
59. NJ3H George A Stein Oregon 6 Win
60. N2MHO Michael Harla Southern New Jersey 6 Win
61. VE6LK Vince d'Eon Canada 6 Win
62. NR0Q Matthew A Chambers Oklahoma 6 Win
63. AG7BI Mauro Leibelt Western Washington 6 Win
64. KA9KQH Dwayne J Terry Illinois 6 Win
65. K9LJB Roger B Whitaker Illinois 6 Win
66. K7QB ROBERT W PERRY Indiana 6 Win
67. KD0GJK Michael A Kavan Nebraska 6 Win
68. EI7LC Eamonn Gannon Ireland 1 Playing
69. KW4KWS Kevin W Smith North Carolina 2 Playing
70. KB2RTI ROBERT L BRUNNER, JR Northern New Jersey 3 Playing
71. KB1VP DONALD W PRICE, JR Vermont 4 Playing
72. J73MO Maureen Horrick Dominica 5 Playing
73. KN4KWA CHARLES F WEBB North Carolina 6 Lose
74. W4MBM Jay M Sanchez Virginia 6 Lose
75. AC1BC Ray A Cielencki Eastern Massachusetts 6 Lose
76. KF5NQV Robert H Sieger Oklahoma 6 Lose

341 Total Guesses

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Game Timing

Hamword uses the timestamp that comes with each incoming Winlink message. That timestamp is generated by Winlink Express (or another client) based on your computer’s time clock. Having your local time clock slightly ahead or behind the standard can cause unexpected results. So, if a message is received before the message timestamp, it is held until the next grading time to be processed in the correct position. To keep users playing in the current week, the server’s received time is used to process the guess when a message timestamp is over a day off. Ensure your time clock is set to an accurate time standard for best results.

Hamword Handout

Here’s a PDF handout to share Hamword with friends and fellow Winlink users.

73, de N5HZR