Hamword Callsign Summary

Name/Callsign: Dmitriy Mayorov KE2H

State/Section/Country: New York/Eastern New York/United States

Dmitriy Mayorov Statistics

Number of wins: 27
Number of losses: 1
Number of incompletes: 2
Total games: 30
Winning percentage: 90.00%
Average turns to win: 3.60
First week played: 2022-11-28
Most recent week played: 2023-09-25
Longest streak in weeks: 19
Longest streak started: 2022-11-28
Current streak in weeks: 2
Current streak started: 2023-09-18

Dmitriy Mayorov Guess Distribution

All Weeks/Players Statistics

Number of wins: 6554
Number of losses: 212
Number of incompletes: 796
Still playing this week's word:10
Total games: 7572
Winning percentage: 86.56%
Average turns to win: 3.38

All Weeks/Players Guess Distribution

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